Everyone Needs Massage! 15% off for teaching staff

In appreciation of our teachers and all that they do for their students and families, I will be offering a 15% on any 60 or 90 minute massage.


The body is a wonderfully self-correcting system. When given encouragement through the palpation and manipulation of soft tissue, a person can tune into his or her own body to adjust various internal physiological processes; and through the repeated use of massage therapy, can raise his or her awareness of their body’s self regulating mechanisms and self adjusting tendencies.

Pain is our body’s way of giving us a message that we are out of balance and that it is time to focus inward. Through releasing pain and improving our life’s quality, this inner witnessing can lead to the growth of our true potential and to a natural, healing improvement in our mental outlooks. Like meditation, massage helps us to tune into the flow of our bodies, tunes us in to the moment, and helps us to restore balance.

Each client is unique and unpredictable in his or her own response to bodywork. Everyone has a “soft tissue story” that influences and directs his or her individual pain patterns and ways of holding tension. Every person has a different pattern of fascial movement; thus bringing a great diversity to the types and amounts of pressure applied and to the pace of the treatment, determined by what an individual’s history presents.

I see my role as facilitating the tissue in letting go of the “soft tissue story” and using various massage techniques to bring back balance. I will strive to educate my clients about their bodies and help them to understand where their pain comes from, and how to manage it within the modalities of massage therapy.

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